What a ride 2020 has been!

January in Ithaca, NY

This year has been something of a ride, I never imagined I’d be riding. Never imagined taking online classes at 2 am, never imagined pausing my desires for the sake of my saneness, never imagined globetrotting during a pandemic. There were several ups and downs along the way, but I contrived to make the most of this year. As bizarre as it sounds, I’m glad about the fact that this year happened in my life at this point.

2020 has built & refined me into a more mature & healthier person. Even with limitations & adversities, I’ve been able to expand my wings & fly, not to where I destined myself to be at the end of 2020, but to where I exactly should be. It made me recognize what exactly I’ve been yearning for in my life, which in turn made me primed for the future. It made me realize it’s not pointless to stop & smell the roses or take a few steps back to leap.

I had a lot of expectations from this year & myself, which didn’t pan out as I planned, but 2020 has been a blessing in disguise for me. I’ve got plenty of time this year to explore new hobbies & reconnect with my long lost ones. I indulged myself again in the realm of creating art, playing guitar, gardening, reading, which I wasn’t able to do in recent times. I also tried my hands at creating acrylic pours, generative art, and website mockups, which I craved to try for a long time. I was able to reconnect with my roots, explore mother nature, redefine my goals, and learn to experience a meditative life.

my acrylic fluid artwork

Being an avid traveler, my traveling desires were halted, but I managed to satiate the foodie in me by wallowing myself in the art of cookery. I strived to make authentic dishes from around the world that I love, from pasta alla norma to pastries like croissants; I also managed to refine my Indian culinary skills at home with the love of my life, my Mumma.

Indeed, there were times when this year took a toll on me and made my mental health hit rock bottom, but I tried to put myself together in all circumstances as some conditions are inevitable. I learned to find happiness in little things & be grateful for what I’ve got. I’m appreciative of all the people, especially my family, who have always been through thick and thin.

The lockdown experience for my family & me was delightful, as we’ve come out of it with a new focus on closeness as a family & appreciate each other’s existence. 2020 was the reset we sorely needed. We went on regular jaunts to the local scenic areas, rode bikes, and exercised together like we used to.

I’ve learned to bite the bullet, let go of things, and allow life to take me wherever I ought to be.

Little bits from this year have been, undoubtedly, a few of the poetic pieces of my life that I’d gladly cherish eventually. This annus horribilis hasn’t been that “annus horribilis” for me & I’ll forever be grateful for what this year has bestowed upon me. One of my end goals from 2020 was to celebrate New Year’s Eve happily with my family, which is the only goal that fulfilled, and I’m happy about it as every other goal didn't seem to matter once I progressed through this year.

I’m happy to wave 2020 a warm goodbye, and extremely happy to give 2021 a warmer welcome. Hope 2021 treats everyone a little gently, and spare them a lot of happiness and prosperity, which wasn't necessarily spared in 2020. Hail 2021!

daffodils in spring 2020

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