Sufism in the 21st Century Islam

5 Islamic pillars

Sufis follow a mystical orientation to understand existence while following any path of simplicity and non-materialism.

left: Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, Poet || right: Turkish whirling dervishes
Whirling Dervishes
left: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan || right: Abida Parveen
Fes Festival of Sacred Music in Morocco

The universality of music and rhythm unites people from all walks of life and evokes a soft side within souls, which is why it has been a major source that enables Sufis to enter the ecstatic state. The music could urge the emotions of love and peace and evoke the soul of a person.

An assembly of poets & Sufis in medieval India
One of my fav quotes by Rumi
One of my fav Sufi Music
Groupe de derviches tourneurs by A. Pascal Sebah

There seems no love, affection, and justice; what remains is manipulation, exploitation, dishonesty, violence, terrorism, and greed. Sufism grants a solution to these degradations in modern times. In today’s modern world Sufism offers support to the individual by training them in the required values such as honor for relations and living, appreciation for love, and living in peace and unity.

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