The Rose Garden, Hyde Park, London

“Stop and smell the roses”, is a phrase most of us are familiar with, but only a handful of us actually stop and smell the roses. We all are rambling in quest of something, striving to accomplish whatever we could in this period of existence. We have set endless goals and have entangled ourselves in perpetual to-do lists. Amidst this journey for fleeting satisfaction, we have forgotten how to halt and cherish what we have already accomplished, whether big or small. Once in a while, we should reflect on where we are and what we truly yearn in life.


Guernica (1937) by Pablo Picasso

Cubism was a revolutionary early 20th-century modern art movement, in which artists brought various fragments of any subject (figures or objects) together in the same canvas, creating paintings that appear fragmented and abstracted.

Hubble Deep Field, “The Hubble Ultra-Deep Field in Light and Sound”; hover over the image in order to listen to the Astronomy Sound of the Month (AstroSoM).

About 15 billion years ago marked the origin of the universe, which started with a cosmic bang, termed the Big Bang. It’s the idea that tells the universe began just as a single point then expanded & stretched as large as it’s right now.

The bang not only created the majority of the elements in the universe but also created the physical laws that govern our ever-expanding cosmos.

The universe is expanding continuously, and scientists have gradually proved this scientific theory using systemic observations and scientific experiments.

Over the centuries — through the Islamic mystical dimension — Sufism, artists around the world have been able to create the most beautiful and transcendental forms of art that have aid the emergence of the idea of peace and love. Sufism enables its followers to attain spirituality rooted in the heart of Islamic traditions through simplicity and devotion.

Sufism is the demonstration of what Islam teaches about; it is the practical aspect of Islam, which could be understood through artwork and completely surrendering ourselves to Allah.

Sufis, people who follow Sufism, have been striving their best to bring peace and…

From “eat glass” to “lick rust”, Schitt’s Creek never failed to lighten up my day. I usually don't enjoy binge-watching TV shows, but Schitt’s Creek’s witty lines, humorous scenes, & brilliant acting lured me into bingeing the full show. Schitt’s Creek not only made me laugh, cry, & love the Roses, but also imparted me few valuable life lessons, which I fancy to share with everyone.

Here are the 8 lessons I learned from Schitt’s Creek:

1. You’re your own fashion guru.

Love the Roses extravagant fashion sense; it coaxed me into flaunting my oddity in form of fashion. All…

Recently, I was selected as a Delegate for the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) 2021, through a highly intensive selection process. HPAIR is an internationally recognized student organization at Harvard University, offering a forum of exchange to facilitate discussion of the most important economic, political, & social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region.

I represented India & my track was “Science & Tech”, where delegates delved deeper into the raving technologies of today & explore how Asian nations & the USA can come together to embrace this scientific journey, & advance this world like never before. We…

We’re perpetually surrounded by a variety of sounds that range from gentle swishing sounds, like the rustling of leaves, to noisy rumbling sounds, like the purring of a car’s engines. The human ear has a tremendous hearing range (audible range) and sensitivity, which enables us to perceive a variety of sounds. They help us gather a lot of information like from pitch, loudness, and direction, to the music quality or the nuances of voiced emotion. The ears are designed to collect the sounds and pass them to the brain, which helps us recognize and interpret the different sounds. …

There are a plethora of striking questions to ask about the universe we’re part of and many of them are in regard to the big ball of light that goes and comes around each day. I’d love to satiate these curiosities and try to inform you something about the gigantic, spinning, glowing sphere of hot gas, the Sun, we observe in our daily lives. …

January in Ithaca, NY

This year has been something of a ride, I never imagined I’d be riding. Never imagined taking online classes at 2 am, never imagined pausing my desires for the sake of my saneness, never imagined globetrotting during a pandemic. There were several ups and downs along the way, but I contrived to make the most of this year. As bizarre as it sounds, I’m glad about the fact that this year happened in my life at this point.

2020 has built & refined me into a more mature & healthier person. Even with limitations & adversities, I’ve been able to…

Chasing Ice is a mind-boggling documentary that strives to mingle art with the current condition of the planet earth. James Balog, with his cameras, was phenomenally able to capture the alerting rate at which the enormous ancient glaciers in Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, and the Arctic are eroding and depleting. It’s more than just a movie; it’s an eye-opener and a visual reference to how much human activities are alarmingly affecting climates on the Earth.

Isha Sharma

A sucker for creative coding, poetry, hauntingly beautiful songs of despair, serendipity || Comp. Sci.

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