8 life lesson Schitt’s Creek has taught me

Isha Sharma
4 min readJan 24, 2021


From “eat glass” to “lick rust”, Schitt’s Creek never failed to lighten up my day. I usually don't enjoy binge-watching TV shows, but Schitt’s Creek’s witty lines, humorous scenes, & brilliant acting lured me into bingeing the full show. Schitt’s Creek not only made me laugh, cry, & love the Roses, but also imparted me few valuable life lessons, which I fancy to share with everyone.

Here are the 8 lessons I learned from Schitt’s Creek:

1. You’re your own fashion guru.

Love the Roses extravagant fashion sense; it coaxed me into flaunting my oddity in form of fashion. All of Alexis’ & David’s outlandish clothing taught me it’s perfectly fine to wear clothes that reflect who you’re as a person. Be confident & bold in what you wear, as well as, how you wear it.

p.s. I yearn to have all of Alexis’ clothes.

2. Enjoy little moments in life.

You never know what life might hold for you in the next second. All we get are the little moments to rejoice & celebrate. Celebration of little achievements make us happier & fuels us to do bigger things in life. If we wait for that one extravagant moment we might miss these little prezzies life has bestowed upon us, & perhaps forget to be happy; finding happiness is what life is all about.

3. Maybe It’s time to move on.

There are few moments & people in life we don't want to relinquish, but we can’t linger on what’s fleeting, whether a moment or a person. We have to let go, find bigger pots, & start anew. Lingering on the past is what keeps us from reaching where we want to. Whenever you find yourself entangled in the past, remember this quote by Anne Frank:

“ What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”

4. Self-love is important.

Time to write a song called “A little bit Isha”, as Alexis taught me to love myself. Once we start loving ourselves, we don’t mind what others make of us & we start adorning our imperfections & present ourselves to the world as we’re, which makes us unique.

5. You can do anything.

David & Alexis altered themselves from being frivolous persons to being more responsible & mature persons. They found their passions & pursued them, even when they thought they couldn’t. We can do anything, all we need is consistent desire & dedication.

6. Family stays no matter what.

The Roses, whom the story revolved around, remained together through the ups & downs. They started to appreciate the existence of one another & helped each other at times, which is what the family is about.

The pandemic bought me & my family together & threw us in a similar situation as the Roses in Schitt’s Creek, which was extremely relatable. I’m more close to my family now than I’ve ever been in past few years.

7. Life is fickle.

Life is the most fickle thing, anything could happen in a given moment of time, which is why we should be happy & cherish these fleeting moments. We can’t escape incessant changes that are taking place, rather we can learn to be fluid & adjust according to the requirements.

8. You can renew your life at any given moment in time.

We try hard to keep our life going as it’s & strive to flourish things we already have, but there might be a tiny chance our life might take an unusual turn, & we might’ve to start from the beginning. Roses adjusted to the new life & started afresh, which was really inspiring & made me ready to battle any circumstance & stand up for myself.

Schitt’s creek was true “shits & giggles” with wisdom drizzled on top. All I want to say to the Schitt’s Creek cast & crew is that thank you for the wonderful moments & inspiring lessons.

p.s. Dan Levy is a god 🙌🏽 & Moira’s “bébé” is a delight to hear each time. 👶🏼



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