I don’t know how to even begin writing a blurb about this frantic, yet momentous year. This year had more vicissitudes than any other year of my life. A year brimming with cries, smiles, pains, reliefs, stresses, joys. A year that truly made me realize how important family and its values are and how whimsical everything else is. This year bought me closer to my family and made it transparent to me the people who truly value my family and my existence.

2021 was a year of major ups and downs, the ups and downs I’ve never before experienced in my life. Unlike 2020, 2021 scared me for life yet made me a stronger and more goal-oriented individual. I’ve strived to be clear with my vision throughout the year and wish to be the same for the next.

Since the beginning of the year, everyone around the globe has struggled with the upsurging cases of Covid

By the beginning of the year, I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted to do after I graduate from college. I was very much invested in building and adorning my Personal Website, Dribbble, and GitHub. During my last semester of college, I also got an internship as a UX design Intern, which was a big part of what I’ve been currently up to. I’ve learned a number of visual graphic software and bridged the gaps between the generative art projects I’ve done in the past.

This year, I was also inducted as the Awwwards Young Jury member, something I yearned to be a part of for a while. Being a member of this exceptional pool of designers and developers pool, I definitely feel a tiny bit sense of pride, but there is always more to hustle and more to achieve. Since I’ve got a direction with what I want to achieve in the future

Even though this year has bestowed a lot upon me materially, it has strained me emotionally and taken away one of the most precious people in my life, someone I’ve always aspired to be, my grandfather. I can’t believe I’m writing “my grandfather has passed away”, which still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. I’ve never previously experienced death this way and seeing the rituals, experiencing them every day for 13 days made me realize how fleeting everything is and nothing really matters except love, kindness, togetherness. Time and again, I’ve been reminded how it is crucial to find joy in little things, as those little things might not even be there after a while.

My grandfather was a holy soul, who always have

not materialist and loved his work and believed in karma, which

I’d be obliged if I can be and do half of what he was or has done.

There is no denial in the fact that there is a sense of corporeal emptiness in my grandparents’ room; that one side where he resided is vacant yet it felt like he is still with us not physically, but spiritually. There still feels like a strong power residing in the home, which is what his physical presence always felt like. He will always and forever remain in the hearts of my family members and me, as we are who we are sole because of him and his sacrifices.

This was a momentous year in the sense that I finally graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.


detachment from materialism

seeing my sister become mature and independent

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